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A little fun track I made about and with Trump…just felt I needed to.
You can download the song for free here.


An ambient-triphop track I made.
I dedicate it to my grandfather. RIP
Passed away on the 2nd of June 2013.

Drumkit is some random sampled objects lying around in my studio.
(casettebox, bottle of water, plastic wrap, etc…)
Synth: Juno106, Virus Polar & Moog LP.
Footage: Extracts of my trip trough the States (California, Nevada, Utah,…)
Filmed with iPhone.

Bumperfunk Studio

Mini tour in my previous studio, with Martijn on my grand piano.

Making tracks for Vermist (VT4), season 4 (2012-2013)

I was asked to write a few scenes of music again for the VT4 drama series ‘Vermist’!
‘Vermist’ is nominated in the television festival of Monte Carlo 2012.
Also producer Philippe De Schepper is nominated in category ‘best international producer’.

Its the 6th nomination for Vermist and the 3th Bumperfunk appearance in the series.
Lets spice some scenes! 🙂


Dimmer on compilation

My track DIMMER on GROOVY records has its first compilation license in tha house …
Gonna be available on “Best of Electro House” compilation in Germany!


Producing tracks for the new season (8) of Aspe (VTM)

Right now I’m working on 3 tracks for the new season of ‘ASPE‘ (VTM 2011)
Finishing first two pieces for a big opening scene.
Then up to the next!

*Excited* 🙂


Tribes Gathering 2011

I’ll be playing at Tribes Gathering, Gouvy Belgium. 16th of april.
Open air festival with Djuma Soundsystem, Acid Junkies, Jerome Hill, Alec Empire, Trish Van Eynde, Kozz, and lots more!
A 2 hour dj vs liveset together with Tim B!

Good Day Today, David Lynch

Good Day Today DAVID LYNCH Bumperfunk Bootleg by Bumperfunk

Available on Beatport now!!

The birthday release of Pikimup ‘Pikimup Remixed #1’ is available on Beatport now!
7 wicked tracks remixed by 7 different producers.
Get it now!!
Check the video teaser Pikimup Remixed #1

Sub Park RMX on Beatport 26feb 2011!

My remix of the track ‘Sub Park’, by Silencyo will be available for purchase at Beatport exclusively. Releasedate february 26 2011.
The ep contains more cool remixes from other artists, please check it out!
Its a wicked smashing record! Released by Pikimup records (

Get Dimmer on Beatport
Bumperfunk on screen:
Pink Ambition - themesong (VIJF) 2016
Foute Vrienden, de film. (cinema) 2015
All You Need is Jani - themesong (VIJF, S1&S2)
'Eigen Kweek' (één, 2013)
Foute Vrienden (2BE S1, 2 & 3) 2013-14-15
Rex (VTMKzoom) 2011-2012
Aspe (VTM) 2010 - 2012
Vermist (VIER) 2010 - 2012
Dubbelleven (één) 2010